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Budget Dedicated Server Order Form

All Budget Servers Include:

  • Dedicated, bare-metal server
  • Month-to-month billing
  • Dual PSU with N+1 UPS & generator power
  • 100Mbps dedicated port included
  • 10TB premium bandwidth included
  • IPv4 & IPv6 /64 address included
  • Dedicated IPMI access via protected VPN
  • On-board RAID 0/1/5

Optional Upgrades:

  • Up to three hard drives
  • Up to 8 GB of RAM
  • 15TB, 20TB and unmetered bandwidth
  • Additional IP addresses
  • Consulting with our experienced team
  • Backup and secure remote storage
  • Advanced server monitoring
  • Contact us with your unique requirements

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  • Specs: Intel D525 Dual Core with Hyperthreading, 64-bit; supports 8GB RAM 3x Hard Drives

  • Double your server memory for improved server performance.

  • This drive is required. SSD drives are highly recommended for maximum performance. On-board RAID 0,1,5 is available on this server with two or more drives.

  • Select the second hard drive, if desired. Each server supports up to three hard drives. On-board RAID 0,1,5 is available on this server.

  • Select the third hard drive, if desired. Each server supports up to three hard drives. On-board RAID 0,1,5 is available on this server.

  • Each server includes an IPv4 address. If requesting more than two IP's, you will need to complete an IP justification form.

  • A /64 IPv6 block is available at no extra cost.

  • Bandwidth usage over this limit during the billing cycle is charged at 0.02 USD per gigabyte ($20 USD per TB).

    Unmetered 100mbps bandwidth means unlimited usage on a 100mbps port - approximately 33,000 GB (33 TB) per month.

  • Our technicians can install your OS of choice for a one-time setup fee, or you can install the OS yourself for no charge.

    Please select the operating system that you would like installed on your server. If you require an OS that is not listed, please select "other" and reply to your order confirmation email with the OS you would like installed.

    If you don't feel comfortable installing your own OS, our technicans will install your OS of choice for $25 (plus any applicable licensing fees).

  • We support cPanel and Plesk on CentOS and Debian platforms.

  • Provides secure out-of-band access to your server via a protected VPN. With this you can completely control your server from anywhere in the world, including powering it on and off, rebooting it, installing an operating system and Administrator KVM console access.

  • Secure backup and remote storage is available for all dedicated servers.

    Our backup servers run a full Linux OS. You can configure it as you like with any software or application of your choice (ex. rsync, duplicity, etc.) and it comes with it's own IPv4 and IPv6 address on a 100Mbps port.

Total: USD/mo